Sandro Kvlividze- if life is a game, then death is a“game over”… are there any continues

8. маја 2011. | Kultura |

Makes thee away from me
Know, I never bend my knee,
Is living inside me
Temporizing to break free,
Unveils reality
Which is no serenity,
Is killing refugee
And all labeled “enemy”,
Is watching over me
Heavenly, yet silently,
Is dancing with the glee
And I need not any lee,
Being pleasure’s biggest lex
Turns from time to time to hex,
Whispered “bye”
Someone lie, others cry
Your smile reflects in author’s eye
This day ended for one guy
I live, I die, I go sky-high.


Mind Of The Weak
Let’s analyze the mind of the weak
Mind of the general human freak,
Blinking like a lorn lamp at night
Worthy at first, inexperienced sight,
However looking closer at this lamp
Will make us see how roaches ramp,
Roaches are their chaos thoughts
Which’re as pointless as these arthropods,
Let us listen to their hisses
They don’t beg for many whishes,
All they have is one big lust
It’s to turn freak’s mind to dust,
These insects are becoming a growing emptiness
And all human craves for is trivial happiness.


Love Killer
A ching heart is frozen
V iolent thoughts are calm,
O bligations are forgotten
I ll emotions do no harm,
D irge of love presently spoken
L oneliness had grabbed your arm,
O ther voices are forsaken
V enus cannot cast her charm,
E gg of sorrow has been broken.

sometimes a tight hug is better than tight pussy

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